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Catalogue - Antique Furniture & Effects, Saturday 8th July 2023, 10:30am

FURNITURE 1. Brass fire kerb 2. Mahogany drop leaf coffee table 3. Nest of 3 mahogany occasional tables 4. 1930s walnut bedside cabinet 5. Mahogany chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers 24” 6. Mahogany table-top display cabinet 7. Cased silver plated canteen of cutlery 8. Mid-century teak extending dining table 9. Indian inlaid circular dish 10. Victorian oak cased gingerbread clock 11. Mahogany framed fire screen with needlework panel 12. Nathan mid-century teak sideboard 13. Oriental pink ground and flower decorated rug 14. Green round and triple bordered rug 15. Edwardian oak framed nursing chair on turned supports 16. Copper measuring jug 17. Pair of glass designer coffee table 18. 1960s Rohé Noordwolde bamboo armchair 19. Circular pouffe 20. Victorian design foot stool on cabriole legs 21. Hardwood 2 drawer filing cabinet 22. Yew wood circular pedestal table 23. Mahogany dining chair 24. Button back nursing chair 25. Carved hardwood bird and a wooden hat maker’s head 26. Brass adjustable standard lamp 27. 19thC mahogany side cabinet fitted frieze drawer with cupboards under 33” 28. Mahogany glazed door bookcase cabinet 38” 29. Oriental washed silk beige ground rug 30. 1930s carved oak sideboard draw leaf table and 4 matching chairs 31. Victorian mahogany drop leaf Sutherland table 32. Victorian carved oak coat hook 33. Mahogany chest of 3 long drawers with brushing slide 28” 34. 1920s walnut fire screen 35. Victorian cast iron boot scraper 36. Cast iron umbrella stand 37. Stained pine box 38. Edwardian mahogany framed and inlaid elbow chair 39. Adjustable Victorian piano stool 40. 19thC mahogany and inlaid miniature chest of 4 long and 2 short drawers 41. 18thC oak drop leaf table on turned supports 42. Edwardian mahogany and inlaid music cabinet 43. Oak cased grandfather clock with chiming movement 44. Thames vintage model barge 45. Oak mid-century chest of 6 drawers 40” 46. Oak mid-century chest of 6 drawers 40” 47. Pair of upholstered wing back armchairs on cabriole shaped supports 48. Nest of 3 mahogany coffee tables on turned supports

49. Victorian rosewood games and sewing table on barley twist turned end supports

50. Edwardian mahogany and inlaid elbow chair

51. Victorian walnut framed fire screen on cabriole shaped supports

52. Victorian rosewood fold-over-top card table

53. Mahogany circular pedestal dining table

54. Large green glass bottle vase

55. Mannequin on metal stand

56. Leather upholstered cross-framed elbow chair

57. 19thC mahogany and inlaid writing bureau fitted 4 drawers 40”

58. Victorian parlour suite of 6 chairs

59. Antique design mahogany chest of 3 drawers 30”

60. 19thC mahogany pedestal table with desk top

61. Victorian mahogany framed nursing chair with pierced show wood frame

62. Edwardian walnut framed chaise longue

63. Victorian walnut framed hall stand with raised mirror back 35”

64. Standard lamp with brass fluted column

65. Mid-century teak sideboard

66. 1950s dolls house with some furniture and a mirrored corner shelf

67. Set of 6 mahogany framed shield back dining chairs

68. Mahogany glazed top display table

69. Victorian cast iron umbrella stand

70. Brass top folding table

71. Victorian mahogany and inlaid tray on stand

72. Mahogany circular nest of tables

73. Edwardian oak cabinet chest fitted 6 drawers

74. Victorian design upholstered nursing chair

75. Mid-century copper and teak standard lamp and shade

76. 18thC mahogany framed elbow chair

77. Edwardian 6 piece parlour suite on cabriole shaped supports

78. Edwardian mahogany sewing table

79. Mahogany framed upholstered stool on ball and claw shaped supports

80. Mahogany jardiniere stand

81. Walnut tray top coffee table

82. Orion walnut cased wireless

83. 19thC mahogany and inlaid fold-over-top card table

84. Pair of Ercol stick back dining chairs

85. Railway lamp and a bicycle lamp

86. Oak framed toilet mirror

87. Pine dresser base fitted 2 drawers with cupboards under 48”

88. G-Plan mid-century wall unit

89. Glazed door wall cabinet

90. Victorian stripped pine chest of 4 drawers 36”

91. Edwardian mahogany and inlaid corner cabinet with glazed top

92. Edwardian mahogany hallstand with raised mirror back

93. Multi-drawer filing cabinet

94. Approx. 6’6 x 5’ Oriental blue ground multi-patterned rug

95. Gilt framed wall mirror

96. Oriental red ground rug

97. Green and cream floral Chinese rug

98. William IV rosewood framed overmantel mirror with pierced carved frame

99. Approx. 10’ x 6’8 beige ground and multi patterned woollen carpet

100. Circular flower decorated rug

101. Beige ground and floral decorated rug

102. Collection of silk lined curtains – 1 x 1.4m wide x 2.4m drop double width with pull track; 2 x 1m wide x 2.7m drop; 1 x 1m wide x 2.2m drop

103. Victorian mahogany framed fold-over-top tea table

103A. Oak writing bureau fitted 2 drawers

104. Shaped top executors office desk

105. Dansette Major table record player

106. Pair of Edwardian bedroom chairs, a wicker chair and a rug

107. 19thC mahogany pembroke table on square turned supports 34”

108. Chil-Daw mannequin

109. Edwardian adjustable ebonised piano stool

110. Needlework panel fire screen

111. Walnut framed upholstered elbow chair

112. Wicker log basket

113. Mid-century shaped top coffee table

114. Nest of 3 hardwood coffee tables

115. 2 root carvings

116. Edwardian mahogany music cabinet

117. Ladder back nursing chair

118. Oriental stoneware jardiniere and stand

119. Mid-century coffee table

120. Chrome lantern

121. Oak chest of 2 drawers 27”

122. 2 Bentwood dining chairs

123. Oak cased canteen of cutlery

124. Edwardian walnut chest of 2 over 2 drawers

125. 2 Edwardian inlaid tea trays

126. Oriental red ground table rug

127. Oak draw leaf table on bulbous end supports

128. Antique Chinese wooden bucket

129. Oak court cupboard with carved decoration 42”

130. Pair of brass standard lamps and shades

131. Stoneware bust of Artemis

132. Coalbrookdale door stop in the form of a knight

133. 2 railway lamps

134. Mid-century G-Plan sideboard

135. Cast iron birdbath

136. Oak drop leaf cottage dining table on pad feet 42”

137. Small wooden rustic pot cupboard

138. Brass slipper box

139. Victorian show wood framed nursing chair

140. Large Victorian mahogany framed wall mirror

141. Antique oak spindle back chair

142. Mobo walking tin plate horse

143. Ships timber tray and a 1960s hall table

144. Mahogany design sewing table

145. Ring handled pot and another

146. Stoneware flagon W Edmunds Ale Merchants

147. Edwardian chest of 2 over 2 drawers 42”

148. Victorian stained trunk

149. Cast iron umbrella stand

150. Victorian mahogany and inlaid corner wall cabinet

151. Victorian mahogany pedestal table with frieze drawer

152. Cast iron wall mirror

153. Wrought iron fire baskets

154. Slatted wood garden bench 60”

155. 1 wooden bound barrel (2 more, with option)

156. Blue painted wrought iron garden bench

157. Cherub stoneware birdbath a/f

158. Stoneware garden urn on plinth base a/f

159. Stoneware shell shape birdbath

160. Hardstone seated buddha

161. Vintage spotlight

162. Kidney glass top table

163. Victorian cast iron water pump

164. 2 Victorian tin trunks

165. Nest of 3 coffee tables

166. Brass and metal footman and 3 fire irons

167. Canvas trunk

168. Cast iron water pump

169. Antique double door shutter fitted with a mirror

170. Terracotta bird finial

171. Vintage tin plate tricycle and a hobby horse

172. Collection of wooden wine boxes

173. Old suitcase and vintage games

174. Mahogany occasional table

175. Canvas and wooden bound trunk

176. 2 vintage suitcases

177. 2 metal trunks

178. 1970s metal playground bike

179. Metal trunk

180. Victorian dome top trunk and 2 others

181. Set of 4 child’s stacking chairs

182. Hardwood slatted top extending dining table

183. Hardwood slatted garden bench

184. Hardwood slatted garden bench

185. Industrial style wooden top bench

186. Green painted slatted wood garden bench

187. Vintage wooden bed table


188. 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings

189. Miniature carriage clock

190. Moorcroft hellebore jug

191. Silver fish server 1808

192. Victorian tortoiseshell and silver needle case

193. Collection of silver brooches

194. 9ct gold heart shaped stone set ring

195. Silver enamelled Indian head ring

196. Mappin & Webb silver cream jug

197. Stamped 18k gold eternity ring

198. Scorpion stone set brooch

199. 9ct gold turquoise set ring

200. 3 silver topped match strikers

201. Silver bowl on shaped feet

202. Silver Cartier bracelet

203. Collection of gold cufflinks, earrings, rings etc

204. Mappin & Webb silver bon bon dish

205. A 2-handled silver bowl

206. 4 silver cross and chains

207. Tortoiseshell pendant with 18ct gold mounts

208. 18ct white gold diamond ring

209. 4 antique silver salts

210. 5 silver condiments

211. Agate set brooch

212. Gold turquoise set ring

213. Antique coin

214. 18ct diamond set signet ring

215. Pierced silver swing handle basket

216. Doulton Lambeth vase for Art Union of London

217. Cased pair of miniatures set in 9ct gold frames

218. Tray of collectors’ items

219. Beswick model of an owl

220. Platinum solitaire 1.5 carat diamond set ring

221. Silver pendant and chain and another

222. Silver topped inkwell

223. Silver Pandora bracelet

224. 2 carved hardwood netsukes, signed

225. Silver bracelet set white stones

226. 9ct gold necklace set pearls

227. Silver 1930s hand mirror

228. Silver set manicure, cased

229. Silver wine labels

230. 9ct gold ruby and diamond set earrings

231. 2 stone set bracelets

232. Collection of antique and other brooches etc

233. Silver handled manicure items

234. Gents Elgin wristwatch

235. Silver locket and chain

236. Pair of silver cufflinks

237. 3 silver pierced sweet dishes

238. Silver handled magnifying glass

239. 1970s Boodle & Dunthorne wooden cased gilt faced bedroom clock

240. Silver banded cut glass fruit bowl

241. 14ct gold stone set bracelet

242. Silver vesta case

243. 7 silver set brooches

244. 9ct gold turquoise and stone set ring

245. 2 stone set bracelets, ingot, ladies watch and a spoon

246. Silver spill vase, pepperette, 2-handled vase and a wine coaster

247. Book box with gilt costume jewellery

248. Collection of silver cutlery

249. Double strand of sea pearls with 9ct gold clasp

250. Silver embossed christening mug

251. 3 silver photo frames

252. Silver spoons, brush and a glass pin box

253. Silver bracelet

254. Rotary gents wristwatch

255. Smith & Wesson gents wristwatch

256. Blue stone set necklace

257. Collection of crown coins

258. Chinese box containing scent bottles and a pin cushion

259. 2 Lladro figures, 1 a/f

260. Miniature penknives, RAF pendant etc

261. Collection of assorted silver rings

262. 4 silver stone set pendants

263. Silver necklace set blue stone

264. Boxed “Property of a Lady” necklace and earrings

265. Cased set of 6 silver Oriental spoons

266. Collection of silver earrings

267. Collection of silver necklaces and a bracelet

268. Collection of wristwatches

269. Miniatures, silver frames etc

270. 6 various rings

271. Mexican silver necklace

272. Silver and Delft set necklace and brooch

273. Silver coaster and a silver pierced stand

274. 3 silver bracelets

275. Blue stone set silver bangle

276. Designer necklace

277. Ladies Omega watch on stand

278. Bottle of Rutherford’s vintage whisky

279. Silver plated musical ball, spoons, vase etc

280. Box of costume jewellery

281. Isle of Wight glass vase

282. Royal Artillery pouch belt

283. Gents designer wristwatch

284. WWI postcard and a Stevengraph bookmark

285. Masons Imari pattern biscuit barrel

286. Silver mounted scent bottles and coins

287. Collection of bronze and other death plaques etc

288. Pair of Chanel sunglasses

289. 5 silver medals and a brooch

290. 1983 coin collection

291. Collection of silver rings

292. Silver christening cup

293. Silver cross set amethyst

294. 4 Buddhas and caviar dishes

295. Silver crowns and a show jumping medal

296. Box of costume jewellery

297. 2 ruby glass and etched rummers

298. Box of costume jewellery

299. Gents designer wristwatch

300. Japanese cased medal

301. Mother of pearl and silver set necklace

302. Silver brooches and pendants

303. Collection of Masonic pins

304. Silver necklaces, watch strap etc

305. 1 canvas mounted map of London and a game

306. Mahogany cased microscope

307. Tin box containing collection of coins

308. Masons Ironstone jug

309. Collection of silver and enamel bracelets

310. 2 silver ingot necklaces

311. 3 Royal Doulton figurines

312. Box of postcards, pens etc

313. Italian 925 silver photo frame

314. Collection of various coins

315. Austin Seven owners guide 1938

316. Collection of coinage

317. Country Life Illustrated Magazine dated 1897, Vol 1, No 1

318. Oriental decorative model of a cat, signed to base

319. Victorian mahogany and inlaid cased mantel clock

320. Tiffany style bankers lamp

321. Bronzed model of an owl

322. Pair of Victorian cut glass lustres with oil burning lamps

323. Lladro figure of a girl with rabbit

324. Glenmorangie Malt Scotch whisky

325. Lladro model of geese

326. Moorcroft table lamp decorated butterflies and flowers

327. Pair of Oriental bird decorated vases

328. Lladro figure of a girl with dog

329. Brass and glass oil lamp and shade

330. Lladro figure of a girl with geese

331. Moorcroft bulbous table lamp and shade fruit decorated


332. Print Down to the Beach

333. Print World Champion 2000

334. Circular convex brass framed mirror

335. Embroidered map of England

336. Scandinavian inlaid mahogany framed mirror

337. Period interior scene

338. Oil on board Cromwellian family scene

339. Oval brass framed mirror

340. Victorian walnut cased wall clock

341. Gilt framed wall mirror

342. Coloured print entitled Night Mist

343. Victorian walnut cased wall clock

344. Oriental print view of a gorge

345. Family photograph of sailor and wife

346. Watercolour mountain and lake scene

347. Oil on board Continental street scene and a costal scene

348. Spear

349. Framed view of a rough sea

350. Oil on board thatched cottage and lake scene

351. Limited edition print river landscape

352. Oil on canvas blue snowball

353. Gilt framed wall mirror

354. Limited edition print The Sex Pistols, London 1977 and a boxing picture

355. Enamelled vintage Colman’s Mustard sign

356. Norwegian abstract picture

357. Oil on canvas still life of flowers, signed

358. Pair of terracotta cherub wall sconces

359. Oil on canvas still life of roses

360. Tray of coloured maps and prints etc

361. Oil on canvas of a boy praying

362. Gilt framed wall mirror with bevelled edge glass

363. Print advertising sign

364. Victorian antique print of the dentist

365. Mahogany framed oval wall mirror

366. Collection of antique golfing irons

367. 3 framed needlework pictures

368. Admiral Fitzroy’s oak cased thermometer and barometer

369. Watercolour kingfisher in shrubland

370. Vintage enamel sign “Coal Weighing Machines”

371. Oil on canvas French market town, signed

372. Watercolour river landscape

373. Brass circular tray

374. Framed print of Elvis Presley

375. Collection of walking sticks

376. 2 framed Oriental embroideries depicting 100 children

377. Gilt framed mirror with cherub sconce

378. Victorian gilt framed watercolour country landscape

379. Oil on canvas still life of flowers

380. Gilt framed wall mirror with shell design

381. Art Deco leaded wall art

382. Framed print The Whalers

383. Victorian rosewood framed wall mirror

384. Gilt wall mirror in pierced frame

385. Coloured print still life of flowers

386. Coloured print harbour scene

387. Coloured print Rugby School from The Close

388. Print “Waiting for the Ferry” in carved frame

389. Vintage enamelled sign Southern “Smoking Strictly Prohibited”

390. Framed study of clowns

391. 2 watercolours winter scenes and a religious scene

392. Collection of walking sticks etc

393. Edwardian beechwood overmantel mirror

394. Framed collection of 1930s postcards

395. Gilt framed wall mirror

396. Oil on canvas heathland scene, signed

397. 2 Oriental framed prints of birds and foliage

398. Terracotta wall plant holder

399. Coloured map River Hope

400. Limited edition still life study of fruit and flowers

401. Framed telegram dated 1840

402. Circular convex wall mirror

403. Gilt framed wall mirror

404. Oak cased wall barometer

405. Guinness tin enamelled sign

406. 5 glass ships in bottles

407. 2 Edwardian glass hanging shades

408. Vintage Adler portable typewriter

409. Collection of fishing rods

410. Gilt framed wall mirror

411. Hanging pierced ball light fitting

412. Vintage enamel sign Lyons Tea Sold Here

413. Silver topped walking cane


414. Wooden Oriental figures, miniature chairs etc

415. Mason’s Fruit Basket pattern dinner, tea and coffee wares

416. Large collection of Victorian and other photographic plates etc

417. Silver plated canteen of cutlery

418. Royal Doulton scene ware plate and bowls, Oriental dish etc

419. Collection of coloured maps

420. Tri-ang railway items

421. 3 gilt framed mirrors

422. Set of 6 coloured glasses

423. Collection of cloisonne vases

424. Pair of figure lady lamps

425. 10 volumes of bound Punch books

426. Die cast and other toy cars

427. Cannon and Nikon cameras etc

428. Oak filing box, chessboard and a shove half penny board

429. Collection of vintage games and puzzles

430. David Winter cottage and buildings collection

431. 2 trays of Wedgwood “Covent Garden” pattern dinner and tea wares

432. Antique carved wood bible box and a pine box

433. Collection of cigarette card albums etc

434. Tambourine, inlaid panels, paper clip and collectors’ items

435. 5 Royal Doulton character jugs

436. Set of 6 cut glass Stuart wine glasses and a liqueur set

437. Victorian glass flower decorated vase, small Wedgwood china etc

438. Collection of LP records

439. Hornby tin plate train set

440. Collection of Ladybird and other children’s books etc

441. Brass leaf dish, pewter ware, decorative camel etc

442. Spelter figure Fiancé Lammermoor

443. Moorcroft table lamp decorated flower heads

444. Tin plate bottle holder van

445. Royal Doulton Bridal Veil pattern dinner service

446. Silver plated teapots, fruit bowls, spoons etc

447. Collection of Victorian photographs, postcards etc

448. Tri-ang Arkitex construction kit

449. 4 Royal Doulton character jugs

450. Tray of ephemera

451. Quantity of Poole dinner and tea ware

452. Quantity of Meccano

453. Oriental signed cats and rabbit, figure decorated bowl and plate and a Royal Corona ware bowl

454. Glass scent bottle, tankards, plates etc

455. Glass candlesticks, fruit bowls, vases etc

456. 2 part tea services, tureens etc

457. 4 carved hardwood Oriental figures

458. Set of Avery vintage scales

459. 4 cut glass decanters

460. Arts & Crafts design copper jardiniere

461. Trick dog money box, postal scales, fishing reel, bags etc

462. Collection of LP and other records

463. 4 Victorian mahogany and rosewood boxes

464. Victorian pink glass vase, china figure for restoration, pottery ware etc

465. Cut glass vases and water jugs

466. Collection of pottery, porcelain and brass giraffes

467. Collection of David Winter cottages and buildings

468. 4 Nao girl figures and an owl

469. Victorian walnut box and an oak cased clock

470. Cut glass dressing table ware

471. Victorian green marble cased mantel clock

472. Moorcroft table lamp with flower decoration

473. Signed slipware fruit bowl

474. Collection of part cigarette card sets

475. Hardwood carved African head

476. Collection of teddy bear books

477. Box of vintage games

478. Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner and tea wares

479. Tray of glassware

480. Oriental dragon figure, elephants, silver plated tray etc

481. Cut glass biscuit barrel, fruit basket, horn and vase

482. 12 bottles of wines and spirits

483. Portmeirion vase, pair of lidded pots etc

484. 2 mahogany cased mantel clocks

485. Collection of part sets of cigarette cards

486. Miniature curling stone inkwell, table lighter, opera glasses and other collectors’ items

487. Collection of antlers

488. Collection of vintage photographs in albums

489. Marble and brass Corinthian table lamp and a desk lamp

490. Silver plated canteen of cutlery

491. Collection of David Winter cottages and buildings

492. Collection of Pelham puppets

493. Silver plated punch bowl, 2 carved Chinese figures, blue and white meat plate etc

494. Collection of fossils

495. Brass bankers lamp

496. Jade Buddha, scholar’s mountain, nephrite bowl, silver plated ware, dome box and a powder puff

497. 2 oak cased mantel clocks

498. Boxed cutlery etc

499. Green glass vase, coronation ware, metal figure etc

500. Vintage teddy bear and an Andrex dog

501. Wedgwood Aztec pattern dinner and tea service

502. Victorian teapot, blue and white plates etc

503. Brass eagle, coffee grinder, carved monkey etc

504. Red and gilt banded dinner service

505. Collection of lacquered dishes and a hardwood casket box

506. Tray of table and other linen

507. Cut glass decanters, wine and other glasses

508. Pair of cloisonne vases, marble and gilt candlesticks, fish servers etc

509. Minorca and other cameras, lenses, binoculars etc

510. 12 bottles of mixed wines and spirits

511. Box of children’s games

512. Cast iron sheep’s head ring, brass door knocker, stoneware bust etc

513. Tray of mixed stamps, first day covers etc

514. Royal Worcester tea infuser and a casserole

515. Denby teapot and tea ware

516. Globe world set semi-precious stones

517. Silver plated photo frame, teapots, tray etc

518. Carnival glass, studio glass vase, fruit bowl etc

519. Collection of tea ware

520. Pewter tankards and plate, cheese dish, ruby glass vase etc

521. Vintage electricity meter and other meters

522. Silver plated cutlery, spoons, cased fish servers etc

523. Victorian and other decorative cups and saucers, plates etc

524. Large silver plated butler’s serving tray and a coffee decanter

525. Tray of books, old newspapers etc

526. Silver plated candlestick, coffee pots, serving dish, trays etc

527. Baritone euphonium, Excels Class Hawkes & Son

528. 2 sets of cut glassware and 2 pairs of decanters

529. Decorative plates, jugs etc

530. Champagne flutes, decanters etc

531. 2 trays of china, glass, mirror, football, number plates etc

532. 2 advertising tins and 5 various boxes

533. Blessing Scholastic trombone in case

534. Portmeirion plate, Royal Worcester dishes, part tea set, opera glasses etc

535. Bell piano accordion and music books

536. Decorative plates and mugs etc

537. Cut glass candlesticks, cake plate and other glassware

538. 2 trays of vintage books


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